Tree Planting Ceremony

Planting a tree is a beautiful wedding idea as it can symbolise the growth of your relationship. Together you can see the tree grow just as your love and married life does, and you must nurture it in order to keep it alive. So you gather two pots of dirt, possibly from a special, significant place, and plant a tree in the combined soil. Water it together with two watering cans (again, perhaps with water from a meaningful place), or even one shared watering can. You might even want to include your guests or immediate family and friends—ask them to add their own scatters of soil or seeds. This is definitely one of the the most symbolic alternative unity ceremony ideas!

Make the ceremony even more symbolic by choosing the tree due to its meaning:

Ash - Protective and healing properties

Blackthorn - A magical tree that could be used to ward off evil spirits

Cherry plum - Used to keep you sane!

Crabapple tree - The crab apple tree was known as the ‘Tree of Love’ to the ancient Celts.

Dog rose - In the past it was believed that fairies, by eating a rosehip and then turning anti-clockwise three times, could make themselves disappear. To become visible once more the fairies had to eat another rosehip and turn clockwise three times.

Field Maple - It was believed that passing a child through the branches of a field maple would ensure a long life for him or her.

Hazel - The Celts believed that hazelnuts were a source of wisdom

Oak - Folklore told that the following poem would predict the weather for the summer. If the oak before the ash, Then we’ll only have a splash. If the ash before the oak, Then we’ll surely have a soak!

Silver Birch - The silver birch is known as the ‘Lady of the woods’. It is thought to be constant and friendly – a tree of enchantment